INTERVIEW: 7 year old Pop Artist from Texas, U.S.A – DEAR GIANA

Step right up and meet this ultra cool 7 year old artist from Texas, USA. Thank you instagram for connecting us with this mini legend and her clique! We chat to G to find out more about art, fashion and all things creative!

To celebrate our LOVE.DREAM.CREATE & International Womans Day 2017, we are giving away 2x of her prints – omg! The Monsta & Gold Grills Print count be yours –  Jump to instagram to find out how! But for now, bless yourself with little Dear Giana!

And for all our friends in L.A :: The next Dear Giana show will be held on 26th March! Follow her on INSTAGRAM :: Dear Giana now for all the deets.



Hey G!

We love your work! Tell us more about what you love to create and what inspires you?

I love to create 1/2 drawings, cut paper and create things with tape, draw in my sketchbook, draw people, and building things with LEGO. Things that inspire me are colorful posters, artists, Legos, and clothes.

What is the highlight of the DEAR GIANA ride so far?

Walking into the door at my first art show in Seattle. I thought it was amazing. The highlight has been me selling my prints of my art. I like it because I get to sign each one and people love it.


Your first solo art show ITS A COOL COOL WORLD – tell us about your day? Any more shows coming up soon?

My whole family and I went to Seattle the day before. My daddy and Même Kidswear hung all the art. The day of the show I was very happy and I liked when everyone was looking at the art and asking me lots of questions. Even other kids were drawing!!! I am so excited for my next show in LA and will have some new drawings.

Your style is super fresh G! What catches your eye when it comes to fashion? Do you love bright colours and patterns or prefer the opposite?

I like shapes on clothes like polka dots and stripes. I also like long sleeves because it looks cooler and it makes me warm. I actually like bright colors, patterns, and black and white. I like everything.


Having a following for your  artwork is super cool! what do your friends think about it?

My friend says my artwork is really awesome and that she wants to buy a ton. My other friends were surprised when I showed them my buttons.

If you could hang out with any artist, who would it be?

I would hang out with Gwen Stefani and  KAWS, go to museums, sing and build statues. I like how KAWS draws his crazy characters. His characters look really funny and make me laugh.

What are your live by drawing utensils you cant live without?

I have to have pencils, erasers, black pens, pastels, and watercolors

Tell us more about exploring with fashion ads and stickers – what are your favourite magazines and stickers?

I like VOGUE and really funny stickers. The funny thing about stickers they can be super crazy. They make all kinds of stickers!!!!


Other than drawing, what are you favourite things to do?

I like doing science projects and I love Karate! I am a tan belt with a black stripe. I have been doing karate for almost 2 years. I love playing outside with my little brother and sister. I love reading and writing and playing Legos. Also, I LOVE Barbies!!!! Me and my sister always play that together.

How do you choose who or what you are going to illustrate next? What are your inspirations?

The pictures I like to choose have good fashion. I have to like what they are wearing and the colors. If the clothes have patterns, it is also cool, because I like to draw that. I like going to the bookstore, because I get to see tons of pictures in books and magazines.


Whats next for DEAR GIANA?

Giana has a solo art show 3/26/17 at Jig+Saw in downtown LA. Fashion Mamas is hosting the event and they are the first members only network for influential mothers who are in the fashion and creative industries. The show is from 12-3 and it is going to be amazing. It will also include new work!!!! Definitely something not to be missed. Also, I have a clothing collaboration coming soon and a jewelry project with my friend Sayran. It’s still a secret, but it is going to be really cool!!!!

For all the kids out there who love to create, what tips can you give them so they also can have their own solo exhibition one day?

 You just gotta start and practice drawing everyday and draw what you like. I have a little a sketchbook that I bring with me everywhere. I love to draw in it.

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