We chat to Nikki, mother of super stylish KING & KAUI  plus part creator of LE FUTURE KIDS all the way from L.A, USA. We chat kids styling, family friendly places to kick it in L.A plus the top 5 fashion must-have for kids this season! Don’t forget to check out the latest goodness in kids streetwear – LE FUTURE KIDS.

King and Kaui are owning the fashion game! Tell us about their ride through the Instagram world so far?

Originally my Instagram account started off as my own personal account. Then slowly all my of posts turned into Kingston & his outfits of the day. After Kaui was born, forget about it! They took over my Instagram and I had to change the name to @KingAndKaui lol

The kids have their styles locked down. And no doubt their parents do too! Has fashion always been apart of your lives?

My husband and I have always loved to shop & been into fashion. When we had Kingston I knew we were going to be the same way with him. Now, I love shopping for the kids more than I do for myself!

Tell us more about the kids individual style. Do they choose their own outfits as they get older?

I would say King & Kaui’s style is a mix of a bunch of different styles. Their style is heavily influenced by our style (my husband & I). King is super easy, I can throw anything on him and he’s ok with it as long as it’s comfy. The only thing I would say is he has always loved his hats & headwear so he picks those out everyday. Kaui is a little different, she likes to pick out her own shoes & clothes. Sometimes it looks ok and sometimes I switch a few pieces up if it looks crazy haha


KING wears: FAST LANE tee// KAUI wears: NO BAD DAYS TEE. Available now online at WWW.DOOWOPKIDS.COM.AU
More recently the kids were on TV! They are the cutest together and do this fashion thing so naturally. Tell us more about how these two have learnt about the fashion game so far… Do they love it?

I’ve been styling them and taking pictures of them since they were babies so they are both definitely comfortable in front of the camera. I think they’re into the fashion game because they have been exposed to it since they were born. I hope as they get older they continue to have the same love for fashion as we do.

I love L.A! Tell us about the kids fashion scene there. Is it currently active and happening?

Obviously living in LA there are a ton of cute and stylish kids. With that being said, getting kids clothes that are unique and different can sometimes be challenging. I have noticed that more and more adult brands are starting to do kids lines to address the need. Over time I believe we will continue to see kids fashion become more of a focus not just in LA but across the world.


KAUI wears: NO BAD DAYS TEE. Available now online at WWW.DOOWOPKIDS.COM.AU
Where to shop when we get there? Lets talk Sneakers, Kids Fashion and some dope finds for the adults too!

We love shopping at small boutiques where we can find unique pieces that not everybody has as well as large box retailers like Zara. Some of the places we frequent are Daniel Patrick for adult & kids pieces, Undefeated for sneakers for the family, Fairfax, La Brea, Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach & Melrose.

Where are your favourite family friendly places to eat and kick it in L.A?

We love the Grove, an outdoor shopping mall that is great for the kids. You can literally spend a whole day there shopping, having lunch, trolley rides, seeing a movie and dinner. Santa Monica Promenade and pier is a must with kids in LA. Shopping, restaurants, games, rides and street entertainers.

The kids crew rolls deep! Do they love meeting new people in the industry and get to kick with with any insta friends on the regular?

They love meeting new kids whether it’s at a shoot or an event or just hanging at the park. We get to see a lot of Insta friends at all the fun events we get invited to.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 3.40.18 pm

KING wears: FAST LANE tee// KAUI wears: NO BAD DAYS TEE. Available now online at WWW.DOOWOPKIDS.COM.AU
King and Kaui are super active in sports, schooling and events – love it! What are the best parts about raising a kid in L.A?

There is so much to do, so much diversity and the weather is amazing! We are so lucky to be able to drive away for a weekend to Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara just to name a few. We are also close to all the theme parks for the kids!
Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 3.39.24 pm

KING wears: FAST LANE tee// KAUI wears: NO BAD DAYS TEE. Available now online at WWW.DOOWOPKIDS.COM.AU
Instagram has connected us with so many amazing labels and stores across the world. Do you find you now prefer shop online or instore for yourself and the kids?

Online is always easier to shop, especially when you’re a mom of 2 and run a business. The only time we really go shop in store is on the weekends.

Le future is whats up! Its fresh, making big waves and doing the dang thing. How did it come about?

After having kids I had a hard time finding clothes I really loved for them. My sister in law also has 2 kids and had the same issue. We got together and wanted to create a line for kids that was different than anything else out there. That is how Le Future was born.

Take us through some key parts of the latest Le Future range – what pieces are yours and the kids favourites?

Our latest collection YO! Future was inspired by 90’s hip hop culture. I really love the track suit, it brings back that old school vibe for the little ones. The Kids love the bucket hats and the tees that they can wear everyday. Everything in the collection can be worn together.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 3.43.22 pm



What are you key tips on balancing a business, motherhood and ‘me-time’? I notice you get to work out and do your nails way more than i do! I need that life more often!

It’s hard to balance it all but you have to make time for yourself. I try to squeeze in a 30 minute workout in the morning at home while Kaui is having breakfast. As far as getting my nails done, I rush off and get a quick mani/pedi while she is in class or when hubby gets home I run out for a little while he keeps an eye on the kids.

What are your Top 5 essentials for today’s modern fashion kid?

My top 5 essentials are

1. Denim jacket-The kids wear theirs all the time with anything. They never go out of style.

2. Dope hats/beanies-It adds style to any outfit & protects them from the sun at the same time.

3. Hoodie-Good for layering when it gets cool in LA.

4. A fresh pair of shades-Accessorizing is a must!

5. Clean pair of Sneakers-Shoes make the outfit.


KING wears: FAST LANE Race tee//  Available now online at WWW.DOOWOPKIDS.COM.AU
What kids labels must we look out for to make sure our minis are decked out?

I love so many brands. One of our Favorites is Daniel Patrick. He makes stylish, comfortable, unisex pieces that go with anything! Hey Babe LA makes the dopest vintage denim jackets. Mimobee makes the perfect solid basic pieces just to name a few. There are too many to name!

What are your top 3 favourite instagram accounts right now? Fashion or non-fashion related.

Only 3? That’s tough!

1. Hypebeast
2. Upscalehype
3. Complex

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