Nicole aka @Pinkiiieee aka owner of best wardrobe ever aka make up kweeeeen of the world aka straight mum goals!!!!

Nicole Thompson is the Global  Senior Make Up Artist for MAC cosmetics  and is straight up slaying the game. If you’re not already, follow her work on Instagram @pinkiiieee  – she got that ultimate magic touch!

With the gorgeous bubba Frenchie now in tow, wee chat all things MAC, Fashion, Werk and that thing called LIFE!

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Tell us about your journey through the first year with Frenchie. Is motherhood everything everyone told you it was?

It is WAY better! People love to moan about parenthood and I feel like people were really preparing me for the worst! I was so happily surprised by the ride it has been and what a positive impact she has made on my life.

Before Frenchie it was just myself and my husband attacking our careers like crazy, working our brains out, travelling and only having to worry about each other and our fur baby George (Big Fat bulldog)

I am now realistic about what is important, what I NEED to do and what is just nice to do, and actually more interestingly I realised what is NOT IMPORTANT in my life.

She was just the jolt I needed to shift my perspective in life.

I am a type one Diabetic so the road to getting and staying pregnant healthily was certainly not an easy one- that has given me a whole new layer of appreciation of what I am capable of when I set my mind to something. She is my proudest achievement.

Beyond that, when I was pregnant something in both of us shifted, we were ready for the disruption Frenchie was going to be on our lives.

I started to really prioritise my life, putting what really mattered to me first. I LOVE my job and all the experiences it has given me, but was it the most important part of my life? NO.

So when this little person came into our lives, I had made space for her and her needs in my head.

OF COURSE it was new, nerve-racking, scary bumpy, exciting all wrapped in one but that’s what has made me proud of us- we are all still alive!! Ha!

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Tell us about your style because guuuurl, we are taking notes! What are your top go-to online stores for that moment in need of retail therapy?


Poppy Lissiman

Romance was Born

Discount Universe

Monki (they only ship to the UK so I send to friends! They have select pieces on ASOS!)

Fashion Bunker

Culture Kings

For basics I love H&M, Zara, and AS Colour.

Online I love, but when I need a retail fix I head to my favourite store in Sydney WANTING COLLECTION in Newtown/ super acclectic one off find and ridiculous accessories. JADORE.

I also just love to dig around and find things that no one has so I always find time for shopping when I travel!


What clothing items do you praise in your wardrobe?  Ok, maybe list a few because your wardrobe rules!


Ha! I have a collectors wardrobe. Love to collect weird and wonderful pieces whenever I travel, I love Pieces no one has and love it to be colourful and outrageous.

I have a lot of Romance was Born dresses and jackets, I am lucky to have worked with them for many years and they make what I dream of.

My latest love is an incredible pink metallic jacket they made that is so special to me.


I LOVE jackets!

I have some crazy pink and turquoise fake fur jackets that always dress up my outfits and put me in a great mood!

My Rebecca Vallance Black leather pants are the BEST. They were a fabulous investment that have gotten better with time really moulding to my body, they go with everything

I have a huge collection of costume jewellery and glasses frames that I would die if I lost them.

Frenchie’s style – how fun is dressing kiddies hey!? Is she already choosing her own outfits? Do you both love to match styles?


I loved when she was so small that I could dress her up like a doll and should couldn’t tell me what she thought!

As she gets older she ofcourse is developing her own opinion! Thank god she has agreed with me so far!

I love dressing her in bright fun colours and clashing prints. Showing her that anything can look awesome!

Your own look you can experiment and have fun with!

I don’t spend a lot of money, that not how I roll- style is fleeting and it’s all about what makes you feel good not how much it cost!

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 4.09.00 pm.png

I LOVE Doo Wop Kids!

Most things I Dress her in have a subtle hip hop / street vibe so it fits perfectly!

She now picks her hats and shoes as she knows how to say those words! It’s hilarious.

My favourite new develeopemtn is when I show her an outfit or a jacket she likes, its “WOWEEEEEEE” So fricken cute.


As a avid follower and friend, I seen you working on THE best fashion shows in the world ( Hello, Paris OMG ). What  was the dreamiest job for you? And the dreamiest model?


I have been lucky enough to work in this Industry for years now and each new job with a new face, new team brings new excitement – its never the same.

The first time I went to Paris Fashion week was an absolute DREAM for me. It was a crazy time, but I loved the wildness of backstage and thrived in the madness. That was a corner changing moment in my career.

8 years later, I still get just as excited to be in a Balmain show with all the big Models (Kendall, Gigi, Alexandria Ambrossia, Joan Smalls etc etc etc!!!! it never feesl like reality.)

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How do you balance an active toddler with the demands of your job to travel and be on set at all different hours?


It a constant battle of ‘mummy guilt!” I am trying SO hard to keep it balanced. As you don’t get time twice.

I am sure to be PRESENT when I am at home, you just cant get back the precious little moments. This is something that we hear all the time – and I bloody wished I listened earlier!

When I am at work, I WERK. I do as much as I can,so I feel satisfied enough to walk away at the end of the day.

I am VERY lucky to be supported by an amazing Husband and family.

Adam and I really make sure we are on the same page when timing and what we are up to each week, and we really discussed how this was going to work. You have to figure it out in your own relationship but talking and making each other is ok is so important.

The Travel is hard, but I TRY when I can to bring the whole Band with me!


Tell us about your daily make up routine routine. Has it changed since you a little bub? Does it differ depending on your job or social outings? 


It is QUICK. But it is CERTAINLY not natural. I was determined not to loose myself in my child. She is only one part of my life.

Makeup is so important to me, and I love to paint my face on, so it was essential for me to keep that so I wasn’t bitter, twisted and UN LIPSTICKED  gasp!

I just had to think about HOW I could do it now.

Early on, its easy they are a non moving teeny baby so I could just pop her down and do my face super quick while she was rocking in her chair!

Now she wants to be a part of it – and you know what that’s fine, as long as I get my eye brows.

She has her own brushes and pretends to do her face while I do mine.

In terms of routine it cant take longer than 5-10 mins daily – so I have everything I need in a bag and I sit in the lounge room and do it while she is eating her breakfast. I have some colour variations in lips and eyes but I keep the look fairly consistent and overdone haha.

When Im going out somewhere special I take a bit longer!!

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 3.38.45 pm.png

Frenchie is the coolest name ever, I couldnt think of a better name to fit her – the best! Where does it come from?


Grease is the ONLY musical I love and I always was obsessed with the pink ladies!

I was watching it one day and the name rang a bell for me! I suggested it to my husband Adam and he was on board!

We had another name we thought we would call her the entire pregnancy but when she arrived we looked at her and knew- she was a Frenchie!


As a make up artist you must have every dang thang a girl could need in their make up bag. What beauty faves have a permanent home in your hand bag? 


Things I NEVER leave home without!

  • Eyelash curler.

There is no point spending money on an awesome mascara if your lashes point downwards! You won’t see it! Curling your lashes is not a new product but ESSENTIAL if you want to make your eye makeup look better and open up your eyes!

  • Skin brightener

Everyone feels dull every now and then! I also get dry skin so I like my skin to glow as much as possible! MAC Strobe Cream is a shiny moisturiser I have been using for years that is super duper hydrating but it illuminates as well, making my foundation look wayyyyy better.

  • Concealer

We ALL need the support of a good Concealer. And I like one that does EVERYTHING. MAC Studio Finish Concealer covers blemishes, pigmentation, under eye circles and scars! It is a lifesaver.

  • Blush

I look dead without blush. As simple as that. OF COURSE it’s pink. But hey- that’s what works for me! I love MAC Peony Petal Blush.

  • EYE BROW pencil

I was not blessed with brows, seriously, I have none! I have to draw them in! I use MAC strut Brow pencil as it is super thin and easy to draw in the perfect shape.

  • Powder

To capture any unwanted shine!


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 3.46.45 pm.png


When i get a night of with the girls…. 

it’s WINE AND GOSSIP! I make sure I get my girls and gays Fix in – monthly! It’s good for the soul.

My style icons are….

Iris Apfel. No age limits, no style rules, excess colour – #stylegoals

One thing I want Frenchie to always remember…

Being nice is more important than being cool. Go with your instincts, and be YOURSELF – everyone else is already taken.

Motherhood has taught me…

What is important in life and how fast time flies by-now I am so careful to ENJOY the hell out of the good moments and let the bad ones fly by.

Top 3 fave instagram accounts…




In 5 years time…

I hope to have made a little partner in crime for Frenchie, and renovating a house.

What is the best liquid eyeliner… ( hahaha this ones for me, HELP )

HAHA!!  Brushstroke liner from MAC. SUPER black and long wearing. And an epic tiny brush. It’s awesome!

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