The key to almost everybody’s heart except the kiddos – Well, depending on their mood, feels, wants, if it’s green, blah blah.. Will they just eat veggies already!? My kiddo is super picky but I soooo know that if I school myself on how to make amazing creations like the brilliant super mama of @JACOBSFOODDIARIES then I have a really reeeeally good chance in getting my boy to eat his greens!

May 2015, Laleh Mohmedi turned her son Jacob’s spelt pancakes into a lion- he absolutely loved it and Jacob’s Food Diaries was born! Seriously, check out Laleh’s instagram – fall in love and feel hungry, like I did. We chat to to sweet mama about three of my favourite things… KIDS, FOOD & JAPAN!

We all want our kids to eat more veggies! Please tell us, has creating these works of art changed your sons perception of trying new foods and veggies from the get go? 

Luckily Jacob has always been a great eater. I like to get him involved in the creation process as we like to talk about the ingredients we are using and the benefits of the ingredients.

We are huge fans of your Instagram – WOW, Your work is amazing! How has the power of social changed Jacobs Food Adventures in the past year? Your favourite highlight of this year so far?

Thank you  🙂 Yes definitely- Instagram is a beast! When I first started posting the plates on Instagram it was purely to inspire other mothers to make meal times fun. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would turn into a career. My favourite highlight of the year would have to have been collaborating with Jetstar to visit the food art capital Tokyo, Japan. That was such an amazing experience especially for Jacob.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 12.36.14 pm.png
I can’t pick a favourite, you are brilliant! I would say Johnny from Sing and Carl from UP are most definitely up there and look sooo delicious! What has been your tastiest creation? And your Hardest creation?
oh I just love Carl- hence the reason why I have made him so many times haha!
The Johnny plate was made for Universal Pictures so Jacob didn’t eat that one (it definitely would not have been yummy as the eggplant was raw haha! ) My favourite would have to be when I made a Festive Carl (I have attached an image) The hardest would have to the tributes I make of celebrities – I would have to say either Jamie Oliver or Ellen would have to have been the hardest. (Jacob doesn’t eat those either! haha)
Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 12.35.51 pm
Educating our kids on healthy eating, good and super foods is something every parent should do. Do you agree and feel this process is just as important when creating fun meals for the kids?
Yes definitely, I think that if you talk about the ingredients to your children in a fun way they are more receptive to eating it. For example when I talk to Jacob about superfoods such as Kale I tell him they are superfoods because Super Heroes eat them – he just loves that!


Everything looks way too good to eat! Do you ensure each ingredient you plate up for a character taste amazing together? Is there anything Jacob didn’t eat until you added a touch of your creations?
Yes definitely besides the commissioned pieces or tributes/celebrations all these meals are made so that they are a complete meal.
Jacob has always been a really good eater so luckily there honestly wasn’t anything that he didn’t like.


Prep time! Timing is of essence for every mama! How much planning goes into each design? Do you often create with everyday ingredients in your fridge?
I do a weekly shop of all our fresh produce which is always colourful so when making these characters I just use what we have available. To be honest there isn’t any planning, Jacob normally tells me which character he would like made and then I check to see what ingredients I can use to create it.


Japan! Our favourite place for inspiration! More recently you were in Japan on an amazing adventure with your fam! Please tell us, 5 of the top places and attractions to visit with kids!
Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.15.17 am
What a place ! Japan is a definitely must if you have a children! The people so friendly and respectful and there is just soooo much to do!
Top 5 places:
1. Disney Sea – this place is UNREAL! I was taken back to my childhood!
2. Universal Pictures- WOW – rides are a little scary but so AWESOME!
3. Ueno Zoo – Japan’s Oldest Zoo- we have been to many zoos but this one will be in our hearts for ever! You can view the animals at a very close distance and there are soo many animals to see. We even saw a bear taking a shower!
4. Osaka Aquarium – This was one of the biggest aquariums we have ever seen! We even got to see Destiny from Finding Dory 😉
5. Nara- Nara is a small town but a definitely must see with children as there are reindeers walking the streets. There are little stalls selling crackers to feed the reindeers – such a surreal experience!


And the best and exciting places to eat that are family friendly? We would love to hear about your favourite food adventure!
To be honest anywhere and everywhere you go in Japan the food is to die for! So fresh!
Top 5 places would be:
1. Shinjuku – I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it was the most amazing sushi ever!
2. Ginza – There was a little restaurant underground (can not remember the name for the life of me) but the BEST ramen ever!
3.Subways- hard to believe there is a whole other world underground in the Subways. The most AMAZING restaurants are here! crazy i know!
4.Takeshita Street – for your sugar fix – the BIGGEST fairy floss you will ever see!
5. Tonbori, Osaka- there are so many delicious restaurants here. You will find the best Takoyaki (octopus balls)


Did you get a chance to shop at any kids clothing boutiques or with any local brands? Would love to hear your favourites 🙂
We purchased a few crazy T-shirts from Takeshita St but to be honest there was not much of a range for children besides your mainstream like Uniqlo etc.


Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.15.58 am
We have been religiously following your blog for recipes and we love it so much! Will you be conducting any classes soon or online tutorials soon?
oh thank you! yes I have hosted workshops – there will be many more coming up once I have had the baby! We will launching a food art/ healthy eating  show for both parents and children showing them how to make healthy food fun! (currently renovating so that we can film)


Jacob is super styling! We loved seeing him wear Doo Wop along his food adventures with you! Thank you! What are yours and jacobs favourtite Doo Wop pieces for this season?

We love everything about DooWop from the craziness to the bright colours! I favourite would have to be the bubble t shirt!

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 12.36.36 pm.png

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