We got to chat to the sweet Zoe and her mom Jo-An from Toronto, Canada! If you love kids fashion, I’m sure you know all about this girl! Have a peep below:





We LOVE your style! What is your fave wardrobe piece right now? My favourite piece in my wardrobe right now are my People Footwear Slides. I live in those!!!

You are a actress and model, that is so cool! What do you love about both roles? I love meeting new people, grown ups and kids. Being on set means everyday is different and a new adventure. Getting to dress up is always fun, and I love playing different characters when I’m acting.

Tell us about the best photoshoot you were on? Omg I don’t know if I can pick just one! I think if i have to choose just one it would be the Halloween shoot I did dressed up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. It was so fun to play a bad guy!!


Do you like to chose your own outfits from day-today? I love to choose my own clothes, but sometimes my mom over rules my picks lol.

When buying clothes, what do you look for the most? Colour? Style? Usually I pick clothes based on style first and then colour. I like styles that are kinda different and stand out. Right now I really love skirts!!

Tell us a little about what you really love right now! Music bands, favourite toys or things to do? I LOVE Squishmallows!! They are staffed animals and they are so soft!! Im also really into kpop music. Blackpink is my favourite group!


What is your favourite Doo Wop piece? I love the clueless Culottes! They are so comfy and the yellow plaid just makes me happy!

Jo-An ( Zoe’s Mom )

How long has Zoe been modelling and how did she get into it professionally? Zoe started modelling when she was 5 years old. We actually started repping on instagram first and after a few months I submitted pictures to our agency, Kamer Talen. They signed her and she’s been with them ever since.

We would love to come to Canada! Where are the best family friendly places to shop and hang with kids? We’re in Toronto, so if you visited during the summer I’d say our favourite spot is Canada’s wonderland ( its a huge amusement park here ). There is also the Ripley’s Aquarium, Ontario Science Centre, ROM ( Royal Ontario Meuseum ), AGO ( Art gallery of Ontario ) and tons of beaches and parks nearby. In the winter we spend our time snowboarding and tobogganing. Downtown has the best shopping, the Toronto Eaton Centre, Queen Street, kengsington Market. We also love Yprkdale Mall and Vaughan Mills mall!


Taking pics of kids is hard work and Zoe makes it looks so easy! Does she naturally get into element when she is on a shoot with you or for work? If not, what is your secret to getting her pumped up to take pics? For the most part Zoe is all business when it comes to work. She’s pretty used to being in front of the camera so she also knows that there a times to fool around and a time to focus it sounds crazy because she’s only 8 but she has and amazing work ethic! On the rare occasion she’s not in the mood, bribery with ice cream always works lol.

If the kids got style, we know the parents do too! What do you look for when shopping for kids brands? And do you shop mainly from brands you find from instagram? We’ve worked with so many shops on instagram over the last few years that it makes it really hard to shop retails. I love supporting smaller shops and brands I truly believe in. I tend to gravitate towards brands that carry pieces that are a bit quirky or stand out from you regular basics. We look for shoes that have great quality and a variety of piece to choose from. When we do shop retails we tend to stick to Zara, H&M and Forever 21 girls. Good variety, great price point and usually on trend with the adult trends, just in miniature versions.


We love the style of your instagram! For those parents interested in getting their kids into modelling, what factors are important when styling your profile to stand out from the rest? Thanks so much! Gosh this is such a hard question! For myself, I always try to think outside of the box when it comes to styling pieces. We’ve always done that. Draw inspiration from other account but stay true to your own style! If you just copy what other accounts are doing, theres nothing that makes you stand out from the pack. And good lighting is your best friend!!

We love all your shoot locations! Where do you usually shoot your pics? Do you travel around looking for cool spots to shoot or work with where your  at at the time? We usually shoot around the house. Were lucky to live in a pretty urban area with amazing backgdrops. Im always o the lookout for great walls or interesting architecture, whether im driving to the grocery store or on our way to another shoot. I tend to style outfits and then travel to whatever location that best suits the outfits.

Lastly, what attracted you to Doo Wop? Ps. Thank you! We saw your amazing culottes on another amazing little model! In all honestly Ive been looking for a pair of yellow plaid pants for Zoe for over a year! When I saw yours, I fell in love and then saw the rest of your collection and I was hooked! I hope you make the culottes in a longer length ( hint hint ) so zoe can wear them when it gets cold here but you have huge fans for life in us!








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