From Sydney to San Diego, we chat to Saeko the mother of the @KSISTERSLOVE aka Kalli, Kaylee & Kaya – Instagrams fashionable sisters!




– We are so excited to speak to you today! Please Introduce us to your beautiful family..

I’m Saeko mom of Kaylee 10 years old, Kaya 8 years old, Kalli 6 years old, and my son Kyle 14 years old. I’m a dog groomer, been grooming dogs for 23 years and have my dog grooming shop for 8 years. I married to my husband Chris for 16 years. I’m Japanese and was born and raised in Japan. 

– We would love to come to San Diego one day! Please tell us your favourite places to hang out with the kids and places to eat!

We always love to hangout at the beach! And we like to go to Mexican restaurants, La Bella’s pizza (Italian) and Fuddruckers (burgers) 


– What outdoor adventures do you love to do as a family?

We like to go to the beach for boogie boarding, bike riding, and skateboarding.

– We know that if the kids got style, the parents style’s next level too.. Tell us bit about mom and dads style!

Haha lol unfortunately we don’t have a style lol 


– We love the girls in street wear! Have the girls naturally love to wear street style clothing? Do they love any other styles? 

They love comfortable clothes. Kaylee and Kaya loves sweat shirts and denim pants. Kalli loves everything lol she loves girly dresses as well. And They all likes jumpsuits. 

– Do Kalli, Kaylee and Kaya all have different personal styles? Tell us about what they would choose from their wardrobe when dressing themselves for a day out!

Kaylee – sweat shirt and denim pants or shorts with vans or converse shoes. 

Kaya – jumpsuit or  t-shirts and denim pants 

Kalli – t-shirt, skirt, long socks

FullSizeRender 3.JPG

– Do the girls like to jump in and style their own outfits when on set? Are they happy for mum or dad to choose?

They are usually happy with whatever the clothes on set. 

– We love seeing Kyle in your feed! Does he enjoy jumping in front of the camera or is he happy to leave it to his sisters?

Lol he doesn’t like to be taken photos at all! 


– The girls look like they know exactly what to do when its time to shoot, so professional! Is it always like this? 

Not always. But I can say Kalli is. I don’t really need to tell her what to do. She’s very natural. 



– We are so happy to have discovered and connect with you on Instagram. Tell us about how it all started for you and the girls?

I created the girls’ account right after they signed to their agent, then I discovered “brandrep” 

– Has Instagram changed the girls modelling lives professionally? Are they signed to an agent?

Yes they’re signed to an agent. 

FullSizeRender 4.JPG

– How do the girls respond to seeing their modelling pics whether it be online or in magazines?

Oh they love it so much!

– Having lots of new content is said to be one of the factors to growing your instagram audience. From personal experience, what has helped your instagram feed grow?

Featured by multiple big accounts helped my ig grow so much! (such as Kim K, Awkarin, Hypekids, and Hypebae  )

– Your photographic style is amazing! Did you study photography? Tell us about what equipment you use and any tricks to capturing the right pic?

No I didn’t. And I was using my iPhone for a long time. My husband bought me a camera and I started using it since beginning of this year but I still use my iPhone a lot Lol. And edit pics with free pic edit app. So I don’t really have a trick lol. 

FullSizeRender 2.JPG

–  There are so many amazing kids fashion labels on Instagram. Tell us about a few of your favourites and what you look for when shopping for clothing for the kids.

Basically we love all the shops we rep and collaborate for! I look for if the clothes fit for their street style, and if they match with other brands that we already have. 

– Do you mainly shop online or instore for kids fashion?

I like to shop online since I’m always sooo busy and don’t have enough time to shop instore. 

– Top 3 favourite instagram kids we must follow?

So many awesome accounts so it’s hard to choose only 3 but we love 

@g.von.g @kingandkaui @zooeyinthecity


– Thank you for loving Doo Wop! What do you dig about our label?

Fun and unique prints! 


Favourite thing to wear:  jumpsuit and dress. 

Favourite colours: pink

Favourite patterns: plaids and rainbows 

Favourite Doo Wop item:clueless culottes 

Favourite place to be: water park


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