BURGANDY // Los Angeles

– We love Burgandy’s beautiful personality! Tell us a little bit about her and what a weekend with Burgandy looks like. 

Thank you 🙂 Burgandy is definitely a bi-lingual character she has this super bubbly personality, superoutgoing, silly, sweet, well mannerd, oh and let me not forget SASSY! A weekend with Burgandy is pretty funwhen she’s not at a photo shoot/casting we are hitting exhibits, amusement parks, or fun eventsaround the city.

 – Tell us a little about where you live in Los Angeles! Favourite family-friendly places to hang out, play and eat? 

We live 30 mins from Downtown Los Angeles, our favorite place family-friendLy place is the Santa Monica 3rd st Promenade, there’s everything there from shopping to food, street entertainers. Burgandy has so much fun she loves playing the piano there!

We love that Burgandy is always out and about doing fun things in L.A! Tell us about your highlights for the year and how you are in the know about these super fun events!

First highlight was Kidzcon super fun so many cute booths, photo friendly props, and yummytreats. We met a lot of cute shops that are a staple in our shopping routine now. Secondhighlight was Complexcon, Burgandys first time there! A lot of the times we get invited or I’malways googling fun things to do, IG plays a big part in finding these events as well.

– I was so excited to spot Burgandy at Complex Con this year in Long Beach, California! Tell us about Burgandys experience and her favourite part of  the whole event. 

She absolutely loved Complexcon it was her first year so mama bear was a little skeptical butshe had a lot of fun. She received so much attention people were walking up toher asking for pictures, getting free stuff, and yummy goodies. Her favorite part was the musicshe was dancing about 80% of the time there lol. 

– We loved seeing all the stylish kids at Complex Con. Do you hope to see kids stalls or more kid-friendly events incorporated in the next years at these exhibitions?

Yes! Times are changing kids fashion is becoming a big thing so hopefully they take that intoconsideration for next year. 

We notice Burgandy getting love from so many fans. Does she enjoy being in the spotlight? Does she?

Lol the girl lives for it.

Living in L.A means access to some cool events and meeting celebrities on the regular! Tell us about Burgandy’s most favourite celebrity she has met so far and her experience.

Her favorite is Karrueche. She first met her at KITH in LA & ever since that day we run into hereverywhere when we’re out shopping or at events and she is super sweet and treatsBurgandy as if they’re best friends.  

– We loved having Burgandy at our Doo Wop shoot at Venice Beach! She is not camera shy and we love that! Does she love dressing up and joining shoots? 

She had so much fun thank you for having us, she does! At home we have special closet justfor all her dress up wardrobe she gets excited whenever I mention she has a shoot coming up. 

We know that kids get to an age where they want to dress themselves! Does Burgandy love to choose her outfits each day? If so, what is her personal style?

She does dress herself but mama bear helps, so I lay out a few items that would go togetherand she puts them together and she does a really good job although there are times I step inand switch it up a bit. Her style is girly tomboy, she loves being in dresses and sneakers.

– Shopping in L.A! Do you shop mainly in store or online for kids clothing? Tell us about some stores that are a must-hit for kids when we are in town!

Equal balance of both online and in store, Fred Segal and Eggy are our favorites..want to catch us on a Sunday?  You’ll find us there lol.

– Tell us about some kids fashion brands that you love! Do you support any smaller brands, either local or international?

Where do we start? Burgandy wears a lot of A Bathing Ape, Nike, Zara, Kith,  A.B.C and high end designers.Yes we love supporting smaller and local brands they are usually the ones that have the flyer unique pieces. 

– What attracts you to the Doo Wop Kids?

The COLORS! Seriously can we get adult sizes? Lol. 

– Any favourite kids instagram accounts we need to make sure we are following?

Our 3 absolute favorite kids Instagram accounts are MINI Outfitter (@minimioutiftter), Minilicious (@minilicious), & Hype Kids (@hypekids)

– What is in the works for the future for Burgundy? 

We are currently debating on which talent agency we should sign with, so hopefully BIG THINGS! 

5 seconds with Burgundy..
– How old are you?4 years old *raises 4 fingers*
– What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?Eat pizza and take pictures, oh and play with my toys!
– Which Doo Wop outfit do you love the best?The one with the milkshakes,
– What do you love the most about clothes and fashion?They’re cute and pretty *shrugs idk at fashion*
– What do you want to be when you grow up?Super hero!

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