Interview: Nelly E Photography @nellyephotography // Victoria, Australia

Tell us about Nelly E Photography! How long have you been in the photography game for and what do you love best about it?

I have always appreciated photography but I had never held a camera until 5 years ago. We had started repping and my dodgy old phone wasn’t giving me the quality I was trying to achieve. My creativity was beginning to overpower the point and tap option. I was lent a camera from my partners mother and from there my photography journey began.

After a while I wanted to learn my camera properly and so I studied for 2 years until I achieved my Diploma in March 2022. During our repping years my love for fashion grew stronger.

NellyE. Photography is a bit of everything. As a photographer starting out I have been doing a little bit of everything but ultimately what I want to bring is an experience. I want my client to feel like they have had the most professional photography experience ever and to know they will receive professional images before they even get them.

Aside from the photography I love meeting new people and getting to know them. Every job is an opportunity to create a new possibility, I believe in being genuine in my work and my social media so what you see is what you get from NellyE in person.


We love your photography style! From maternity shoots, weddings to fashion shoots to product styling, which is your favourite style to shoot?

What a compliment, thankyou!!! Fashion, Fashion, Fashion! My favourite style by far to shoot but I love to add a touch of creativity to whatever I do.

Your fashion shoots brings us so much happiness! You have the perfect eye for it! Where do you get your inspo from?

These compliments are going to make my head swell!!!!!!

I cant pin point one source of inspo really. I am always on the look out on many platforms, I could be watching a movie, walking down the street or on Pinterest. For me its not always the outfit that inspires me, it can be the environment or a even a colour. Most often an idea or a concept will come to me in the middle of the night and will not leave my head until I do it. Usually its never simple and my prop shelves are beginning to explode.

I also find inspiration in other artists work, anything from fine art to portraits, and then try and turn it into a fashion shoot of some kind. I stick to my own style as that is part of my branding and I want to inspire others to step outside of the box with their own fashion. Eclectic, quality and sustainability are my main resources and I try to recycle and reuse as much as possible. Anything old and retro inspires me the most.


If you couldn’t already tell, we love colour and loud prints! How does colour and loud prints make you feel when it comes to photography? 

What’s not to love!!!!!!

Colour and loud prints are amazing they bring joy to clothing. Emotions are triggered by our eyes so a fun and bold print in a photoshoot will evoke happy emotions, for a child it is fun to wear for an adult it reminds us of being a child.

If the model feels good in what they are wearing then that enjoyment will show in the photography. There is nothing like a big smile and a twinkle in the eye to bring a photograph to life.


Do you have any tips for us who want to get into taking more ‘unique’ fashion pics for our instagram feed?

Oh my gosh this is a hard one.

Look for different angles, try styles you haven’t done before, utilise different backgrounds and try different techniques such as side lighting or back lighting. Its all trial and error to some point until you find that lane your happy in and stick to it. 

I believe that if your into fashion you already have an eye for it. Posing is a big one. A pose can change the feel of an image and the way the clothes will sit on the model. Giving a model something to engage with during a photoshoot is always helpful, especially for children. Pockets, belts and hats are a good one, it gives the model something to do with their hands. One hand in, one hand out and soon it becomes natural. Change the way a model stands and experiment with focal length. 

Don’t be scared to use space around you to create interest with in an image, the model doesn’t always need to be the centre of the image use surroundings to draw your eye to the model and then the clothes will stand out twice as much.

Break some rules, break your own rules. Take risks and if it doesn’t work then you’ve learnt a lesson of what not to do next time.


Can anyone organise a fashion shoot with you? How can we get in contact?


It is all I want to do.

You can contact me through Instagram or Messenger Dm’s or drop me an email at

Tell us about where you are located in Victoria, favourite places to eat and family friendly things to do with the kids?

We live in Smythes Creek which is about a 5 minute drive from the city of Ballarat, Victoria. Ballarat is a historical city about 90 minute drive from Melbourne with incredible heritage buildings and lane ways to explore. The arts community here is expansive with exhibitions in both the public and private sectors. Street art can be found throughout the CBD and each year there are interactive instalments that will take you on an exploration throughout the streets. The top family attractions in Ballarat are The Ballarat Wildlife Park, Kryal Castle, Sovereign Hill, The Botanical Gardens, Gold Rush Mini Golf, An Indoor Aquatic Centre, Ten Pin Bowling and indoor Go Karts and Laser Force.

There is so much to do here but the Ballarat Winter Festival is our favourite time of year because the kids get to go Ice Skating on a pop up rink in the middle of town. If you are looking for a weekend away here I would recommend web site. There you will find loads of information on places to eat and things to do, but best of all you will see a photo of Aaliyah in the Art Gallery that I provided for them to use. He He.


What does a normal weekend look like with the kids?

Weekends for us are as casual as you can get. Prior to Covid we used to go on adventures to a location we haven’t been before, a waterfall, bushland reserve or just visiting friends in the city, but since then we tend to live a simpler life. 

We live on 5 acres so we will have a bon fire in the paddock, the kids will ride their motorbikes or we will have a fish in the dam. During summer the kids will swim in the dam and we have dance parties in the shed. In between that we will visit family or do a photoshoot. We are very lucky to live on a beautiful property and we are grateful every weekend to be able to spend it together.

Aaliyah, Chaz and I also love to visit second hand shops, their love for anything cool and old comes from me so we will visit our favourite vintage shed Rocket and Belle at least once a month and we will stop any chance we get to roam an opp shop or two.

So all in all we are pretty boring ha ha ha.


Aaliyah and Chaz are super photogenic! Do they love jumping on board your shoots? Are they open to mum’s ideas and/ or do they love to have an input?

I am so lucky to have very photogenic children. Aaliyah and Chaz are my child slaves….ha ha just joking.

Aaliyah loves the idea of being Instagram famous “her words” but doesn’t always love being in front of the camera much any more (not for me anyway) but when she does she is an absolute natural.

Nowadays She does have an input into photoshoots, she likes to do her own poses and she likes to have a say in the outfit. Sometimes a gentle persuasion is needed to change her mind on what to wear and other times she is determined she is right so I just let her go and work with her and not against her. Its important she has fun too.

Chaz is just Chaz, sometimes he will model other times he wont, the only thing we clash on are his shoes he will only wear one pair of dirty old sneakers… Ha ha ha but he is so much fun to shoot and will usually do it for a very small bribe.

What I have noticed more and more is that both of the kids have a deep appreciation for art, both of them are always throwing ideas at me for a photoshoot idea… Some good, some not so good, but I love that they are invested in it as much as I am and they appreciate their mum as a photographer.


Tell us about both Aaliyah’s and Chaz’s fashion style. Do they prefer to choose their own outfits as they get older or happy for mum to get involved and are open to wearing anything?

This may surprise you but my children were born with smooth moves but no fashion sense at all. So I guess I do all of the outfit choices when it comes to stepping out of the house ha ha ha.

Chaz is a fussy bum so I gave up on him a long time ago and Aaliyah would much rather be out chasing the sheep in the paddock than dressing up but she is a kid and I know as she gets older that will change. This is why I love Doowop so much, every tee we have ever owned has been put through a lot of hours of play and has never failed.

Outside of the everyday clothes Aaliyah LOVES to stand out from the crowd. She loves bright, and funky and at the moment cats, it is all about the cats. She appreciates a good layer or two and she loves skirts however she wont wear them if there is a chance she will get enough space to do a cartwheel (yes that includes the supermarket). She wont wear sweet style clothing she says she feels uncomfortable in it so ultimately she uses her edgy clothes to be the centre of attention where ever possible. Why not I say.


Let’s talk more about kids fashion! What do you look for when shopping for brands to style your kids shoots?

Oh another tough one!!!!!!

If I could afford it all I’d buy one of everything just to have it all on hand. But wouldn’t we all!!!!!!!!

But to be serious I look for items I can use to style with what I already have and value for money.  

Trust in a brand is important and I have taken a few risks that have paid off thankfully. Knowing that the quality and sizing is trustworthy means knowing the money spent is not wasted.

I always look for different and how it will photograph. Fit is important, I am not scared to upsize as it means I will get a longer life out of it and a belt will fix everything if not there is always the good old safety pin. Colour and patterns are always fun to work with and don’t be scared to take a risk when mixing the 2.

Honestly my eye is always drawn to EVERYTHING. Unfortunately I don’t have any hidden formula I go with my gut and weigh up what I really like vs what I really need. We all get “I WANT” that piece urge when scrolling and usually I get that feeling when it inspires a shoot and usually I will cave and get it (case in point PINKY PROMISE TEE).

I have learnt that by changing just one item of clothing on a child and changing a background a photoshoot can be totally different, so don’t be afraid to reuse and recycle.


Favourite fashion photography handles for us to follow on Instagram?

Oh my goodness I follow anyone and everyone to be honest.

I have so many that I adore either for the photography or the support its hard to remember them all so here are a few.

@me_and_my_butts @dreaming_in_daisies @me_as_mum @mylittle2.milan @emmapigsandroses @leo.da.man2014  @valesvogue

@juniorstylelondon gives me inspo for days


You have been supporting Doo Wop Kids for years now ( THANK YOU! ), we are so grateful you love our stuff! What attracts you to our brand? And what products are you loving at the moment?

Firstly id like to point out that the support has always been returned. I don’t just love doowop products I love the brand. I know I will get years and years out of anything I buy from Doowop Kids and I also know that the service is 


I love the fun prints and bright colours and I can trust that even if I haven’t consulted the kids they will love it.

My favourite products that we have at the moment would have to be the mini backpacks (used constantly) and the lunch boxes. I am being a little vain here but I want my kids to be the coolest in the school and if they have to wear a uniform to school at least their lunch boxes will make them stand out from the crowd.. woops… that is a lot vain…. sorry not sorry.

I can’t recommend Doowop Kids enough and I hope I haven.t bored you all too much.

Thankyou Again Wendy for the opportunity to be apart of your brands inner circle.

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