K Boyz @staunch.kidz // QLD, Australia

We are excited to see fresh faces loving Doo Wop Kids! Tell us, who are the @staunchkidz?

  • We are the K Boyz I-IV, also known as, Kayden, Kael, Knox and Knight. The boys are aged 7, 6, 4 and 19 months. I, Mama Staunch, also known as Kristin run their page on their behalf. 

Tell us more about youuu mama!

  • I was born and raised in Bermuda, don’t say Bermuda Triangle, and no I didn’t get lost hahahaha. Bermuda is a beautiful island in the mid Atlantic Ocean that is governed by Britain. In 2002-2007, I left my island home and entire family to study and work in London, England. I met an Australian and moved to the Gold Coast initially to place another mark on the globe of countries I have visited. Who knew that 12yrs later I would still be here.

You are in sunny Queensland! Fave places on the GC?

  • The theme parks are a must but I would say I was a rare visitor until last year. Annual passes, however, are a great investment. I also love exploring the beaches, Tambourine mountains for Devonshire tea and just a moment to be a little more still. The Botanical Gardens are also another fave for the kids and I. I must admit, we do travel a bit to visit huge playgrounds, we love scoping new areas for outdoor fun…..besides its free.The boys love Bounce and Inflatable World but spend most of their free time in the dance studio that I currently own and operate.

It was so fun watching the boys unbox their Doo Wop arrival! Which DooWop tee do they love the most?

  • Kayden would say his favourite DooWop shirt would be the pizza shirt. Kael and Knox love the United Colours of DooWop and Knight, well Knight has no say at the moment only because he can not speak. I personally love all of the tees but I love the United Colours as well…friends say my kids are United Colours of Kristin.

Do the boys choose the clothes they are wearing everyday?

  • Definitely not! I think Kayden has fashion sense but Kael…hmmm its a work in progress. I believe Knox would be great at choosing what to wear. He constantly tells me how he looks cool and always chooses his own snapback. The boys are happy to wear what I choose for them to wear but when its new the first thing they ask is, “Are we going to do photos?” The face isn’t exactly ecstatic and when I say yes, they follow up with, “Are we only going to do 1 photo?” When I say yes its a win! Luckily it doesn’t take long anymore.

Four things you look for when shopping for the boys?

  • Statement pieces – I really like items which stand out and that are unique
  • Quality – the items must be of great quality especially if they are costly
  • Price – having four boys I must not exceed the budget because let’s face it, they’ll need shoes to go with the outfits too
  • A good message – sometimes its nice to have items that just spread a positive message. This will inspire others and also hopefully the boys feel inspired by what they wear

Tell us about your journey into modelling and where it all began?

  • Our journey began with Showkidz National Baby Photo Contest back in 2012 when Kayden was a baby. We won the National Baby Photo Contest and were awarded $1,000, 3 trophies, a certificate and a sash and received the opportunity to walk the runway in Melbourne. It was an amazing event. I had both Kayden and Kael in an agency when they were aged 3 & 4 and did a casting for Nan but the shoot was cancelled on the day when the project managers chose to remain in Sydney and utilise the Sydney models. We are very new to Reel Management agency and couldn’t be happier to be amongst an agency which is very supportive and so are their other models and parents.

For those mamas and dads who want to get their kids into modelling… Any tips for entering the modelling world?

  • Be authentically you! Its imperative that you don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Stay humble. There are many opportunities and if one door closes another will open. Try not to turn down castings, the agency will lose faith in you and most likely not want to represent you and put you forward….we learnt that lesson last year. Never stop growing, education is key so if you can, invest in workshops to gain knowledge in the industry. We are very new to it all and I feel like already we have learned so much from others who have been in the industry for awhile. As we were mainly brand ambassadors or reps or collaborators, we didn’t gain much experience modelling for work. The boys got used to being in front of my camera, under my direction or brands that they supported. Modelling is a lot more intricate and a lot more work.

Will it cost you a heap of money to join?

  • Lets face it the best way to get in is to be scouted, than the ride is completely free. I’ve heard of the agency startup fees, enrolment costs, profile setup costs and I understand that business model but this would not be feasible for us. I also don’t believe in the quality of representation for some of those agencies with exorbitant costs. In saying that, investing in workshops and other beneficial tools needed to create a leading profile, cost money. Choose wisely where you would like to invest. 

Where should they start?

  • I believe starting can take forms in many ways. You can walk down the street and be scouted, you can approach agencies yourself, you can be very active on social media and be scouted there as well. Having an instagram profile for us allowed the agency to view us, our personalities, our story a bit easier for representation. 

Tell us about the auditions….

  • This is where social media is amazing. We got our casting through Instagram but this was at the same time as we were taken under the Reel Management team’s wings. If we had been with them we would have been informed by our agency. Many utilise social media to broadcast castings and a lot of people utilise StarNow.

Working in Front of the Camera. Do the boys love it?

  • I find it a lot easier now working with the boys in front of the camera. They are so quick to get in “model mode” that I no longer need to bribe or coax them. Sometimes they need refocusing but most times they get the job done with minimal prompting. 

Tell us about your Instagram ride.. How long have you had the @stanch.kidz page and has it helped lift the boys modelling experience?

  • We have been on Instagram for nearly 3.5yrs now. Initially i was posting 3 times a day as that was the advice given to us to gain traction in the beginning. We weren’t really good at Instagram, all the interacting etc we had no idea. we just enjoyed supporting small businesses. The first business that got us started was LV Kids who we had met at Coolangatta markets. They told us to tag them in a post and I had no idea what they meant. It took several months for me to understand the request. 3.5yrs later Instagram has changed quite a bit, new algorithms, new account settings, follow loops, interaction groups, the list is endless.Taking the photos doesn’t take the time, its thinking of where to shoot amongst our busy schedules and who to use to shoot. I am grateful for four boys it certainly allows me to switch things up a bit. Instagram certainly has helped with our modelling as the exposure has been great for others to see us as well.

Thank you to the @staunch.kidz for jumping on board the Doo Wop drop!

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